Awkward & Tawdry Lounge
Burning Man 2018
Location: Center Camp & 7:30

Many years ago, a snake oil salesman named Dr. LeTawdry traveled the swamps of Louisiana in search of fabled elixirs. Many of his potions were successful, but it was his mixture for lovesickness that backfired and lead to tragedy: awkward hugs.
Now, Dr. LeTawdry urges you to visit Awkward and Tawdry Lounge to find the cure! He offers many treatments: moving pictures, sing-alongs, breakfast with questionable cartoons,easy listening and lemonade, drinking and  merriment.

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Awkward & Tawdry Lounge 2017


Awkward & Tawdry Lounge 2016


Awkward Hug 2015

Dr Le Tawdry 2014
DrLet2014_1.JPG DrLet2014_2.JPG DrLet2014_3.JPG DrLet2014_4.JPG
Looking out in to the rain Dr Le Tawdry on a rainy day A view from the art car as we leave! Musical sing-along was a hit!

Dr Le Tawdry 2006

BARF 2004
The original shack Our "lab" to test animal control concoctions