Dr Le Tawdry's Apothecary!

Burning Man 2013

Location: 7:15 & "A"

Burning Man 2013 Schedule


6-8PM: Karaoke
8:30-11:30PM: Big Lebowsky

4PM-6PM: Martini Thing Happy Hour
TBD: Burning Man TV at Burning Man
2PM-4PM: Easy Listening Lemonade blow out!
4PM-6PM: Mondo Lounge Party
6PM-8PM: 049 Karaoke
9PM-12PM: Dark Side of the Wizard
1PM-3PM: Swinging Mojitos
8PM-10PM: One Tribe Party

The Le Tawdry Family History

Dr. Lamar Des'Array Savile LeTawdry was born in 1846 to a genteel New Orleans of mystical descent. His mother, Moira Des'Array, was a descendant of Marie Laveau, the infamous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Hezekiah LeTawdry, LeTawdry's great-great grandfather, was a traveling salesman who built the family fortune by selling a concoction known as Hezekiah's Compound Elixir and Glandular Restorative. This tonic was eventually exposed as a lethal blend of cocaine, acetanilid, and alkaloid botanicals. It was the cause of uncounted addictions and deaths, and Hezekiah, for all his former wealth, was reduced to a seventeenth-century mountebank who pulled teeth, performed magic, and practiced less than reputable medicine.

Dr. LeTawdry's father, Ambergris Delamere LeTawdry, was a taxonomist and chemist, as well as a member of the New York Lyceum in the 19th century, who attempted to restore the family name with a cure-all elixir. Ironically, the elder Dr. LeTawdry died early in the pursuit of a substance that would prolong his life, and his son vowed to carry on the quest.

The younger LeTawdry studied chemistry at Tulane and received a dual Ph.D. in Classics and Pharmacology from Louisiana State In 1863, LeTawdry volunteered to fight for the Confederacy, but the War between the States eventually destroyed the family holdings and he deserted.

LeTawdry then turned his natural scientific talents to alchemy. His reputation in this field soon drew the attention of government agents. LeTawdry was arrested and briefly imprisoned, but when President Grant was cured of pneumonia after trying a tiny jar of Dr. LeTawdry's ancient elixir, he awarded him a presidential pardon.

LeTawdry's quest was simple: to create delicious potions that could cure disease, restore happiness, bring joy, and prolong life. But while most potions and alchemical wonders of Dr. LeTawdry's time were indeed great, they were few in number and costly in fabrication and price. The common folk of the villages, towns, and cities typically did not have the coinage to afford such marvelous concoctions. Dr. LeTawdry believed that a traveling merchant and his carnival freak show should give its intriguing mixtures to the public for free. No matter how powerful their abilities and exotic sounding names, quality snake oils should belong to the world, to the otherwise empty shelves, and to the open streets.

So from 1901 to 1905, Dr. LeTawdry mounted expeditions to the far reaches of China, Tibet, and Outer Mongolia to search for the rarest snakes to concoct his precious oils. He took with him 28 camels, six horses, and four Mongolian camel drivers. He collected 1,400 zoological specimens on that trip alone, and along the way met tribespeople, nomads, and "freaks" from every walk of life.
Over the next 100 century, he traveled eventually to every country on the globe, collecting the most obscure snake species for his life-altering libations.

Despite his travels, Dr. LeTawdry retains his gentlemanly Southern manners, his mellifluous charm, and his flair for showmanship. Very little is known of his private life.LeTawdry is an elusive man, but remains dedicated to curing the ills of all who approach him. Well-learned in many subjects and a student of many languages, he converses easily with both doctors and bohemians. Dr. LeTawdry typically dresses in a black, hand-tailored coat, and carries a variety of hidden tools, such as bright lights, jars, test tubes, syringes, and forensic chemicals. Observers note that he moves with a "wraith-like" grace. But in many cases, Dr. LeTawdry's normal appearance is irrelevant. A master of disguises, he has fooled even close acquaintances on several occasions.

His travels have taken him from high society Paris to the Black Rock Desert, though he rarely releases the details of his travels. A sometime troubadour, the good doctor also plays a pedestrian guitar and piano, with a raucous voice and last-call-at-the-bar lyrics.

Dr. LeTawdry has kept his promise to deliver his magical snake oils to the world. Packed with ancient recipes and spiritual preparations of herbal tinctures, including magical formulae and practices of alchemy, Dr. LeTawdry's oils will appeal to anyone fascinated by the past, by the present, and by the future. They allow its drinkers to fly, to live forever, or simply allow them to heal. Over the last 13 decades, Dr. LeTawdry has earned a place among the finest alchemists of any era, and a mentor for generations of younger artists. His dazzling, life-affirming concoctions are like LeTawdry himself: eternally youthful, optimistic,and joyful. Dr. LeTawdry believes that his snake oils bring together communities that remain on the margins, and that they provide a space where freaks can gather, where differences can be represented and explored.

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